Safe key cutting machine is the smallest member of the class TR-9987 MINI S, copying safe all types of keys as precisely and error-free. Sharp cutting edge radius of the surface of the copied key feature, you can make chamfer.
Mini S's main feature is that it has a portable structure. In this way, the customer service environment before the key is copied to the destination and more secure knowing services are offered.

1Easy Access

With easily accessible adjustment mechanism can implement the required extra work as comfortable and practical.

2Engine Application

Turning on the handwheel V-belt mount bearing presented as ready for the application of the engine.

3Aluminium Alloy

The body is made of aluminum alloy material as solid and durable.

4Two-Side Clamps

So-called normal and channel capture there are two different clamping mouth on clamps.

5Proper Angle

The tip of the cutting tool is specially designed to capture at a time in accordance with the angle of cutting.


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