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Sets / Kits Suzuki

Brand: Suzuki Model: S0069
Specifications: Type:SET Buttons:2 Frequency:315 MHz Part No:Unknown Transponder:PCF 7953 Key Type:Smart /Keyless GO Blade (included):No Blade Signature:SUZ-10 Aftermarket Key:No ORIGINAL Key:Yes Immobiliser System: Calsonic Kansei Manufacture:Calsonic Kansei Corporation FCC ID:TS008 Contents:..
Brand: Suzuki Model: S0298
Specifications:Type:SETButtons: 2Key Type:RegularFrequency:433 MHzPart No:37019-56R30Transponder:ID47/HITAG 3Blade (included):YesBlade Signature:SUZU-14 / HU 133 RAftermarket Key: NoORIGINAL Key:YesImmobiliser System: UnknownManufacturer: Ca..
Brand: Suzuki Model: S0068
Specifications: Type:SET Buttons: 2 Key Type:Regular Frequency:433 MHz Part No:Unknown Transponder:PCF 7936 / ID 46 Blade (included):Yes Blade Signature:SUZU-14 / HU 133 R Aftermarket Key: No ORIGINAL Key:Yes Immobiliser System: Unknown Manufacturer: Calsonic Kansei Corp Content: 2 x Regular K..
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