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VAG Tacho - Description

What is VAG Tacho ?

VAG Tacho VAG Tacho is a device designed to extract the secret PIN code from many immobilizers of VAG group automobiles.

It is also used for quick and easy preparing transponders and programming them in the immobilizer.

The main idea of the device is to be easy and usable even from people without special training.

As an addition Vag Tacho is also capable of correction of kilometers for many of the VAG Tacho automobiles.


2009 - 2013Golf 6, Jetta, Polo, EOS, Touran, Tiguan, Caddy, Amarok, Scirocco,VDO dash--
2009 - 2013Golf 6, Tiguan, Touran, BeetleMarelli dashMileage Change not supported, for key programming use TP23!
2009 - 2013PassatVDO dashmileage change only!
2011 - 2016Gol, Fox, Voyage G6,G7VDO dash--
2010 - 2015UP Marelli dashfor key programming use TP23!
2011 - 2016Gol, Fusca G6Marelli dashMileage Change not supported, for key programming use TP23
2009 - 2016Gol, Fox, Saveiro, Pointer G5VDO dashNEC+24C32, KWP2000, K-Line!
2009 - 2016Gol, Fox, Saveiro G5Marelli dash9S12 MCU,Mileage Change not supported, for key programming use TP23
2003 - 06/2016Golf 5, Caddy, Touran, Jetta, EOSVDO dash--
1997 - 2003Golf 4, BoraVDO or Motometer/Bosch dash--
1998 - 2005BeetleMarelli dash--
1997 - 2004Passat, JettaVDO, Marelli or Motometer dash--
1999 - 2009PoloVDO or Motometer dash1999-2002 mileage change only
2000 - 2007SharanVDO dashmileage change only
1997 - 2002Caddy, LupoVDO or Motometer dash--
1998 - 2008TransporterVDO dash--
1999 - 2003LT35(Temic immo box) --pin code read only
1999 - 2003Gol (Kostal immo box)--pin code read only


2009 - 2013Superb, Octavia, Octavia II, Roomster, Yeti, Fabia II, Rapid VDO dashVDO dash
2005 - 6/2006OctaviaVDO dash --
1997 - 2005Octavia, Fabia, Superb VDO dash --
2006 - 2010Fabia, Roomster VDO dash K-Line via BCM


2009 - 2012 A1, Q3 VDO dash not all versions
2003 - 2005 A3VDO dashFujitsu M91 mcu, use manual selection of VDO
1997 - 2000 A3, A4, A6 VDO dash--
1998 - 2003A3, TT, A6 Magnetti Marelli dash--
2000 - 2007A4 Bosch dash --
1995 - 1999A4, A6, A8 --immo box - read pin code

All these cars are supported via OBD, no need of disassembly or other equipment!!!
All cars with VDO dashboard MY2011+ requires upgrade for VDO2012!!!