IKS 2019

What is IKS?

IKS 2019 is the sixth edition of the international key fairs, an event addressed to companies dealing with keys, regardless of whether it is a locksmith or a garage.

The five previous editions of IKS was visited by over 9000 guests from almost 50 countries, we had also given classes to more then 1000 people with the most advanced technologies being used in key business (both mechanics and electronics).

IKS 2019 is once again an opportunity to familiarize with the latest technologies and solutions in the trade which is developing rapidly and where a standstill cannot be allowed.

Where and when?

IKS 2019 will take place in the Exhibition Centre MCC Mazurkas (177 Poznań Street, Ozarow Mazowiecki).

From : 28.September.2019 - 29.September.2019

Seminars program

You can check the Seminars Program Here

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Event Map

MBE Engineering

During our work with clients around the world every day we hear their questions in search of knowledge, both the basic and the most advanced.

That is why the next edition of IKS in 2019 is mainly focused on the transfer of knowledge to the extent practical, training and classes, where everyone will be able to see up close the tools offered by our exhibitors. To meet the questions and requests this year IKS is built around five training rooms. In each class, you will gain a working knowledge of one brand of car. Each class is one brand, and all the knowledge that can be passed and tools that can be can used.

We hope that like a year ago IKS will be a place to meet and exchange experiences between companies and exhibitors from around the world.

Key programming

IKS is where the most advanced and recent tools for key programming are advertised. All of our newest solutions are provided on the fairs. IKS is also a perfect place to meet other manufacturers that are ready to show their newest products that they have been working hard on for the latest months or even years.


All tools, services and solutions are presented not only in theory but also during practical workshops, with a chance to take those in your hands and try it by yourself before you make any decision.

New Technologies

Due to its location, it is a perfect platform allowing to see the full offer from companies from the East and West, South and North in one place. IKS has become an ideal link and location providing full exchange of products and services.

IKS 2019 Exhibitors: