TMpro + All Key Copiers Package

TMpro2 + All Key Copiers Package

  • Microchip PIC adapter
  • EEprom adapter
  • Cables
  • main sW

The following key copiers are included in the package:

  • Software module 62 - Key copier for ID11, ID12, ID13, SAAB and ID33 fixed keys onto T5 transponder
  • Software module 63 - Key copier for ID33, ID41, ID42, ID44 VAG and ID45 keys onto PCF7935 transponder
  • Software module 64 - Key copier for 4C Texas fixed keys onto JMA TPX1 or CN1 transponder
  • Software module 65 - Key copier for 4D Texas Crypto keys onto JMA TPX2 or CN2/CN5 or YS-01 transponders.
  • Software module 145 - Key copier for Philips Crypto 2 (HITAG2,ID46,TP12) keys onto JMA TPX3/4 transponders
  • Software module 185 - Key copier for Temic Crypto 8C transponders
  • Software module 187 - Key copier onto TS48 transponders for Daewoo, Chevrolet,KIA,Pontiac ID48 Megamos Crypto keys

TMpro + All Key Copiers Package

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