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FBS4 Manager Now In Sale

02 October 2018

We are happy to announce the release of the Abrites FBS 4 manager function. It will now be available for our customers. The new special function will be called MN027 and it is where all the future FBS related development will be done. For the moment it focuses on the service related functions and of course the next step in its development will be the adding of key programming.

Here is what you can use the FBS4 manager (MN027) for at this moment:

  • Module renewal for the 7G tronic gearbox/ transmission control modules of the VGSNAG2 variant VGS3.
  • Module renewal for the Engine Control Units of the following ECUs CRD3, CRD3S2, CRD3NFZ, CRD3H.
  • Reading and writing of the vehicle identification (VIN) for the following modules: CRD3, CRD3S2, CRD3NFZ, CRD3H.
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Abrites Diagnostics for HONDA cloud (online software)

14 September 2018

Abrites diagnsotics for Honda now includes key programming for models from 2010 to 2016.
The function includes ALL KEYS LOST and adding one key to the existing key count.
The function will be free for all customers with AMS for the moment and future developments may need additional payment.

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru Online

14 September 2018

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru now supports SUBARU BRZ 2017+ for smart system reset and ALL KEYS LOST key programming.
Even when there is no key you will be able to make a key for the little rear wheel drive sports coupe.
All customers with a valid AMS and a valid SB001 special function will receive the new update later today.

New special functions for Renault and Hyundai/Kia

28 August 2018

ABRITES is proud to present its latest special functions for Renault key programming - RR017 and Hyundai/Kia key programming - HK008.

The Renault function - RR017 is latest key programming solution for Megane IV/Scenic IV/Talisman and Espace V vehicles. The function reads the PIN Code and programs a key both when an extra key is required and in ALL KEYS LOST situations. Please note that when you are adding a new key to the vehicle, you will need to prepare it using the PROTAG programmer.

The price of the function is 1 250 EUR (without VAT) and it is a separate function without any updates. We have however created a Renault Key Package which will feature a 10% discount of the sum of the separate functions it includes (RR012, RR015 and RR017) and the price of the key package will be 3 600 EUR (without VAT).

The Hyundai/Kia key programming solution - HK008 is a breakthrough we have been working towards for a few months as we believe that our solution is much more worthwhile than the PIN by VIN solution that is currently on the market at the moment. The new special function HK008 extracts the PIN from all vehicles that have a smart key (including 2018+ and regardless if the PIN has been changed during a service program). It also includes key programming for mechanical keys for all vehicles with Delphi, Kefico and Bosch EDC15/EDC16 ECUs.

The price of the function is 650 EUR (without VAT). We will also offer a reduced price (400 EUR) for all customers who have an active HK006 special function for the loyalty they have shown us and the fact that they waited for us to develop our own solution. Please note however, that this is NOT an upgrade from HK006 to HK008 and will NOT apply to customers who own previous key programming functions for Hyundai/Kia (HK002 and HK004).