What is SOS Diagcode?

  • NO TOKENS After you buy the device, you will have access to the database and you can start generate PIN CODES right away. No tokens required.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION One time purchase without monthly taxes or any additional payments required.
  • 100 % Working Device generate pin codes for Kia and Hyundai ALL models 1996 - 2017. It can also generate PIN code for NISSAN Glovebox compartment.
  • Buy once - use for lifetime The main difference between this and any other device on the market. Fully functional without any additional payments required. The only limitation you have is 5 Pin Codes per day.
  • Our Server and Database We have ownership of the database and server which allow us to guarantee lifetime use for this device.
  • Active support from SOS Autokeys. As always we are here to help with information and advices. Feel free to contact us by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Social media and Email.

How to install SOS Diagcode

  • Plug in your tool into the USB.
  • Wait for the driver to install.
    Make sure you add the Diagcode folder as an exception or complitely stop your antivirus before you start the installation.
  • Click here to download the software from our web site.
  • Extract the files.
  • Right click on SOSDiagcode.exe and choose Send to Desktrop to make a shortcut on your desktop.
  • For Windows 10
    1. Open Start menu, on the search panel type Control pannel and press Enter on your keyboard.
    2. Click System and security, click Allow an app through Windows Firewall, click Change Settings, click Allow another app.
    3. Click Browse, navigate to your diagcode folder, select the SOSAutokeys30.exe,click Open, click Add.
    4. Check all the Trialcode check box and press Ok.
  • Open Windows Defender.
  • Click Settings, click Add an exclusion.
  • Click Exclude a folder, locate your SOSDiagcode folder and click Exclude this folder

Your SOS Diagcode is ready to use!