Barracuda base (hardware+software)


Barracuda base hardware
Barracuda base software
Barracuda Lead PCF 1 (in-circuit, soldering tips)
Barracuda Lead PCF 2 (in-circuit, 2xCrocodile clips & 2xProbe needles)
Adapter PCF (in-circuit & expansion)
Adapter PCF 7941 (for soldering)
Adapter PCF 7945AC (for soldering)
Adapter PCF 7952 (for soldering)
Adapter PCF 7953/45 (for soldering)
Adapter PCF 7953 38pin (for soldering)
Adapter PCF 7961 (for soldering)
Barracuda database HITAG reset module 1

Software needed:


  1. Windows XP/7/8/10 32&64bit PC or Laptop
  2. USB 2.0/3.0 port
  3. External power supply unit 9-24V DC, plug size 5.5x2.1mm (not included in base version due to weight, acquire locally)

Barracuda Features List:

Free Utilities:
PCF 7931 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
PCF 7941 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
PCF 7945 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
PCF 7952 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
PCF 7953 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
PCF 7961 (Read, Write, Erase, Lock)
Programmer Details
Alfa Romeo
V1 PCF 7341 Details
V1 PCF 7945AC0902 Details
V2 PCF 7945AC0911 Details
V3 PCF 7945AC2319 Details
V4 Keyless Go PCF 7945AC0902 Details
Remote PCF 7945 Details
Keyless Go PCF 7952 Details
Keyless Go PCF 7953 Details
Remote China V1 PCF 7952 Details
Hella 434MHz PCF 7953 Details
HUF5661 868MHz PCF7953 Details
HUF5663 434MHz PCF7953 Details
HUF5767 434MHz PCF7953 Details
Siemens 315MHz PCF 7953PC110 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7941 Details
V5 PCF 7941 Details
V6 PCF 7941 Details
V7 PCF 7941 Details
V8 PCF 7941 Details
V9 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V2 PCF 7953 Details
V3 Keyless Go PCF 7953 Details
V4 PCF 7952 Details
V5 PCF 7952 Details
V6 PCF 7952 Details
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7961 Details
Land Rover
V1 433MHz PCF 7953 Details
V2 Vogue PCF 7941 Details
V3 Freelander PCF 7945 Details
V4 Discovery, Sport PCF 7941 Details
V5 315MHz PCF 7953 Details
V1 434MHz PCF 7953 38pin Details
V2 868MHz PCF 7953 Details
V1 Keyless Go PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7952 Details
V3 PCF 7961 Details
V4 PCF 7953 Details
V5 PCF 7961 Details
General Motors (Chevrolet / Opel / Vauxhall)
V1 PCF 7341 Details
V2 PCF 7341 Details
V3 PCF 7941 Details
V4 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7345 Details
V3 PCF 7341 Details
V4 PCF 7341 Details
V5 PCF 7341 Details
V1 Keyless Go 315MHz PCF 7953PC1200 Details
V2 Remote 315MHz PCF 7953PC1800 Details
V3 Keyless Go 434MHz PCF 7953PC1800 Details
V1 PCF 7952 Details
V2 PCF 7941 Details
V3 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V2 PCF 7961M Details
V3 PCF 7961 Details
Rolls Royce
V1 PCF 7953 Details
V1 PCF 7941 Details
V1 PCF 7961 Details
V1 PCF 7953AC1500 Details
V1 PCF 7945 Details
V1 PCF 7953AC1500 Details

Barracuda installation

Base software installation

  • Download the Software
  • Extract the files you downloaded anywhere you like.
  • Open Barracuda Install vXX.exe file from the Barracuda Install folder.
  • Select the language that you wish to install the software to and press Next.
  • You can choose the path for the software installation, but its recommended to leave it as it is and press Next.
  • You can choose what title to put for this software on the folder inside your Start menu. You can leave it as it is (Barracuda Scorpio-LK) and press Next.
  • Check the checkbox Create a desktop icon to make a Descktop icon for more easy accessibility and press Next
  • To start the installation press Install
  • Uncheck the checkbox Launch Barracuda to not open the freshly installed software and press Finish.


  • Download the Drivers
  • Connect Barracuda programmer to PC USB port.
  • Connect Barracuda programmer to external power supply.
  • Open Windows Device manager by pressing the Windows key.Type "Device Manager" and press Enter.
  • Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers or Other Devices tab(depends which Windows version you are using) and select BARRACUDA
  • Right click on it and select Properties. Go to the Driver section and select Update driver.
  • From the opened window select Browse my computer for driver software
  • Navigate to Barracuda's installation directory (default location C:\Program Files(x86)\Scorpio-LK\Barracuda) and open the Driver folder.
  • Select the folder with the version of your operation system.
  • Select your opeation system type and press OK.
    (Example for Windows 7 64bit path is : ../Driver/WinXP,7/64bit)
  • Click Next and Windows should finalize the process
  • If you installed the driver corectly Barracuda should appear in your Device manager.


Barracuda Driver Windows OS specific requirements:

  • Win 7 requires Microsoft security update KB3033929
  • Win Vista requires Microsoft security update KB2763674

How to update your Barracuda's Software?

  • Right click on Barracuda's shortcut on your desktop and select Run as administrator.
  • Connect Barracuda.
  • In the opened software select Menager and press Update Barracuda Online.
  • If there's a new update available you will be prompted to update.
  • If there is no new update available you will recive a message "You have the latest version".
  • Barracuda requires connection to Skorpio's servers at least once every 30 days. You can check how much days, you haven't checked for new updates on the software(Days left)

Barracuda base (hardware+software)

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