[SA] Toyota (SUPER FAST Start)  v4.0 2017+ / 2018+

Toyota / Lexus emergency engine start unit

What for is the device used for?

AST v3.0 unit is designed for emergency engine start on Toyota and Lexus passenger vehicles in case of key authorization unit malfunction or keys loss. AST unit is used as temporary element for emergency vehicle transportation and not intended to use permanently.

Supported vehicles:

Toyota Lexus
All models

* AST v4.0 can be connected either via the Smart ECU connector or the steering lock ecu connector.

How to use step by step?

  1. Unplug all connectors from Smart ECU!!!
  2. Connect the needle probes to the upper SmartECU connector (large connector) and the lower SmartECU (small connector) in accordance with the figure (fig. 1-5), but without connecting the red needle to STARTpin (See diagram of connections in accordance with the vehicle model).
  3. Attention! Red needle probe with a green label must be connected to "IGN" pin !!!
  4. Insert all connectors back into the Smart ECU. Connect the mini-USB plug to AST v3.0.
  5. The LED on the unit will flash once with green light and go out.
  6. Press the interior door courtesy light switch button once. The LED starts blinking green. It means the connection is correct. You can continue the procedure.
  7. Press the button of interior light switch again. The LED will light green constantly.
  8. Turn on the ignition using the switch located on mini-USB wire. Set the switch to position «|» The dashboard lights up.
  9. To start the engine, connect red needle probe to «START» pin for 3 seconds.

    After starting the engine, this probe must be disconnected immediately!!!

  10. Once the engine starts, the device can be disconnected.
  11. To stop the engine and turn off the ignition, switch the button located near the mini-USB connector to position «0».

The location of the connectors and SmartECU in the car:

The pinout for IS, LX, LS, NX, Highlander, LC150, LC200, Prado:

(Key A8):

The pinout for RX, LS500, CH-R, Camry (since 2018):

(Key A9):

The pinout for hybrids RX 2017, LS 500H 2018:

(Key A9):

The pinout for ES, GS, Rav4, Camry (till 2018):

(Key A88):

[SA] Toyota (SUPER FAST Start) v4.0 2017+ / 2018+

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