[SA] BMW key programming device for EWS 2, 3 and 3+

BMW key programming device for vehicles equipped with EWS 2 module with processor masks 2D47J and EWS 3/3+ module with processor masks OD46J, coverage E46, E38, E39, E53(X5), X3(early models), Z3, Range Rover 2002+, MINI COOPER till 2006. The device does not work on EWS 3 module with processor mask 2D47J, due to security reasons . With this device you can program 8 keys in the EWS 2 and 3/3+ module. Another feature of the device is to erase the old and lost keys, add new keys on whatever position you want from 0 to 7 as you leave the existing keys working. You can program new keys when all keys are lost or stolen. The old keys will still work and you can order another key from the dealer beside the number of the new already programmed keys. To be able to program/add new key, you must use our special transponder made for the key programming or the original BMW keys made ready for programming with the Device. The Device comes with 5 transponders for EWS 3/3+. With this device there is no need of a PC or power supply. All the power you need is the 9 Volts battery that you must put inside the device. There is no need of desoldering the processor, all you have to do is to clip the device onto the processor and press the little black button and the key/transponder will be programmed for 5 seconds. With this device you can reset the odometer inside the EWS module and the transponder key!

For all customer who want to buy and already bought The EWS 2, 3 and 3+ device, we arrange one day course at the price of 1500 EUR where you will learn all about BMW EWS Imobilizer system, how to program new keys without desoldering the processor for 5 seconds, how to define all 10 keys in the EWS module, how to release and ban keys in the EWS module, how to change the mileages/km and ID number and how to make an adaptation to the DME/DDE even if you have a second hand EWS module from the scrap yard.

[SA] BMW key programming device for EWS 2, 3 and 3+

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