OMEGA Flash programmer (FLASH ONLY ) with COM Port Plug

***NOTE: COM Port power supply is mandatory !

***NOTE:  Adapter AC 9V 1.2A  is required ( if you use different one you may break the device )

The mini-laboratory Omega represents semi-professional multi functional complex, which replaces big group of measuring tools, programmers, and configuration equipment.

Omega FLASH - UV ROM, EPROM, FLASH, MCU. The unique feature of the programmers from the Orange series to have included macro-language for describing HPL protocols is saved. This allows easy adding of new types of micro-schemes, and strictly to execute requirements of the producer of the algorithms for reading and writing .Also the user gets a powerful tool for processing data (automatic calculating of different kind of parameters , generating of unique serial numbers for devices by designated formula…). The programmer is connected to the base block Omega. If the customer wants the programmer can be completed with additional adapters and adapters/connectors . In the programmer is used ZIF-socket (without effort).

OMEGA Flash includes:

  • OMEGA basic hardware
  • All sockets needed
  • COM Port cable ( LPT cable )

Price List

NameUser price EU
Adapter AC 9V N.A.
Cable(LPT) N.A.
Omega SE 60
SOIC8/DIP8 Expert adapter 42
SOIC8-16 adapter N.A.
SOIC8_14_93Cxx adapter 3
Lead whit clips POMONA SOIC8&DIP8 62
Adapter ISP N.A.
Adapter NVM 3060 /MDA 2061-62 N.A.
Adapter ER1400 N.A.
ST62xx PQFP52/82 adapter 4
Adapter Bl Card & HPX N.A.
Adapter TMM842AP & HPX N.A.
Adapter Flash 160
Adapter PLCC32/DIP28 6
Adapter PLCC32/DIP32 6
Adapter SOIC32/DIP32 7
Adapter SO44 – DIP40/42 V2 6
Adapter ZIF SO44-DIP N.A.
Adapter ZIF SOP32 – DIP32 N.A.
Adapter ZIF TSOP48/DIP48 N.A.
Adapter DIP/TSOP ADP (it works only with Adapter ZIF TSOP48/DIP48 ) N.A.
Adapter TSOP40-DIP (it works only with Adapter ZIF TSOP48/DIP48 ) N.A.
Adapter TSOP40 II-DIP (it works only with Adapter ZIF TSOP48/DIP48 ) 8
Adapter TSOP32/DIP32 5
Adapter TSOP48/DIP48 6
Adapter SDA555 N.A.
Adapter NDM457 N.A.
Adapter ADPPLCC44 – DIP44 6
Adapter SSOP56-DIP48 for DE28Fxxx 6
Adapter SSOP56-DIP48 for Intel 28F320S5/J5 V2 6
Adapter SSOP56-DIP48 for AM29LB802C 6
Adapter MBM29XL12 SSOP90-DIP48 6
Adapter TSOP56 16bit type A 6
Adapter TSOP56 16bit type B 6

OMEGA Flash programmer (FLASH ONLY ) with COM Port Plug

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