An-San Image Special
TR-3050 Image Special model is generally used by professional locksmiths who deal with bank safes for rent. With this model it is possible to make a key in original sizes same with the lost one which was for bank safe. In general, locks named the brand Masis are used in our country.

The dimensions of TR-3050 Image Special are in accordance with Masis locks and if required, codes can be adopted to be used with other brands as well.

With extra equipment bought with this model, you can also copy ordinary safe keys. Because mill group is a system with rails, special group is detached and ordinary safe mill group is attached. All details on TR-3050 Image are also available on Special model.

1Radius Making

Cut surfaces of the radius by breaking the key in the lock can easily return to.

2Plus/Minus Setting

Adjustment mechanism to allow for the extra work is designed to be easily adjusted

3Original Dimension

Copied from the original key is the key to the extent, that is, factory output norms size.

4Easy Connection

Key to place enough, all settings will be done by machine.

5Extra Tools

Extra hardware to facilitate installation of the machine is equipped with a modular system.

An-San Image Special

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