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Barracuda Programmer Software version 7

26 December 2018

SW:7 FW:4 DB:5 Help:1.4

  • Barracuda software added (online update)
  • Audi V6 Keyless Go PCF 7945AC1500 315/434/868 Mhz
  • Audi V7 Keyless Go PCF 7945AC1411 315/434/868 Mhz
  • BMW F-SERIES V8 PCF 7953VC1900 [Korea] 434Mhz
  • Cadillac V1 PCF 7952 315Mhz
  • Fiat V3 PCF 7941 434Mhz
  • Honda V2 PCF 7945 434Mhz
  • Jaguar V2 PFC 7945 434Mhz
  • Land Rover V6 PCF 7953 434Mhz
  • Lincoln V1 PCF 7952 315Mhz
  • Maserati V1 PCF 7953 434Mhz
  • Maserati V1 PCF 7953 434Mhz
  • Mitsubishi V3 PCF 7941 434Mhz
  • Nissan V8 PCF 7953 [Japan] 315Mhz
  • Nissan V9 PCF 7953 433Mhz
  • Nissan V10 PCF 7952 433Mhz
  • Nissan V11 PCF 7953 433Mhz
  • Opel V9 PCF 7941 434Mhz
  • Opel V10 PCF 7961 434Mhz
  • Opel V11 PCF 7341 434Mhz
  • Peugeot V8 PCF 7341 434Mhz
  • Renault CARD V4 PCF 7953 434Mhz
  • Renault CARD V5 PCF 7952 434Mhz
  • Renault Flip V4 PCF 7961 434Mhz
  • Auto update framework changes
  • Bug fix and optimization

Barracuda Programmer Software version 5

31 October 2018

SW:5 FW:2 DB:4 Help:1.3

  • Barracuda software added (online update)
  • Key reset Opel / Vauxhall V7 PCF 7941
  • Key reset Opel / Vauxhall V8 PCF 7341
  • Key reset Volvo V2 7945 868 MHz Keyless Go
  • Key reset Peugeot V6 PCF 7341
  • Key reset Jeep V2 PCF 7953
  • Key reset Nissan V6 PCF 7953
  • Key reset Nissan V7 PCF 7961
  • Key reset Smart V2 PCF 7961
  • Key reset MINI PCF 7945 315 MHz
  • Key reset Peugeot V7 PCF 7941 315 MHz
  • Key reset Ford V1 PCF 7345
  • Key reset Chevrolet V1 PCF 7952

Barracuda Programmer Software version 4

1 October 2018

SW:4 FW:2 DB:3 Help:1.2

  • Barracuda software added (online update)
  • Key reset Alfa Romeo V2 PCF 7941
  • Key reset BMW F-SERIES V8 HUFxxx PCF 7953 315Mhz

Barracuda Programmer Software version 3

24 September 2018

SW:3 FW:2 DB:2 Help:1.1

  • Barracuda software added (online update)
  • Key reset Audi V5 Keyless Go PCF 7945AC1415
  • Key reset BMW E-SERIES China Key V2 PCF 7952
  • Key reset BMW E-SERIES China Key V3 PCF 7941
  • Key reset BMW E-SERIES China Key V4 PCF 7961
  • Key reset BMW F-SERIES Hella V6 434Mhz PCF 7953VC1900
  • Key reset BMW F-SERIES Hella V7 434Mhz PCF 7953VC1900
  • Key reset Dacia V1 PCF 7961
  • Key reset Honda V1 PCF 7961
  • Key reset GM (Opel) V5 PCF 7341
  • Key reset GM (Opel) V6 PCF 7941

HITAG Keys Reset

18 May 2018

The first branch of Barracuda programmer features which will be available at release and be included in base software is Reset/Renewal of used HITAG based vehicle keys. Every reset function released in Barracuda programmer is independently developed, tested and digitally signed by us.
Classification During the process we have studied extensively hundreds of HITAG keys, both new and used, while we were developing the database for the reset functionality. One of the main conclusions which we drew was that key classification by part number is not entirely correct, can be misleading and will unnecessary bloat the software with menus, sub-menus, etc... Most keys from same brand can differentiate by more reliable secondary signs like, variations in outer shell, number of buttons, frequency, type of plate, type of used PCF, etc...
In this regard in Barracuda keys will be classified by brand and version number, while the help files and additional text information available in software for each function will provide the secondary signs by which a user can decide which is the correct function to use for the key they want to reset. Such approach solves two problems, first it allows to correctly reset keys regardless of part number and avoid a problem when the part number of a key, a user wants to reset, is not listed. This would leave the user thinking it can't be reset, while more often than not that is not the case, as long as the secondary signs match. Second as mentioned above it will reduce software bloating significantly. We intend to add more keys in future updates and keeping bloating minimal from start will make navigation and general use of the software easier.
Which HITAG keys would you like to see added for Reset ?