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Stand alone device for Ren

( New Device Added )

This device is used for emergency start of Ren cars manufactured from 2015. The device works without a laptop, fully independent. The working process takes a few seconds. The device is connected with the car through the OBDII connector.

Supported models list(2015+):

Megane 4 2016+
Scenic 4 2016 +
Talisman 2015 +
Grand Scenic 4 2016 +
Espace V 2015+
Kadjar 2015

SOS BMW Key programmer

( New Device Added )

SOS BMW Key programmer is a stand-alone device for programming BMW and MINI keys.
It is fully reliable professional tool designed to work super fast.
Minimal efforts for maximum results.
The goal behind the device was to create a tool that actually works and can be 100% trusted.
This device have been tested many times and it is the only truly working tool at the market.


  • SOPT enabled systems support (ISTA- P 39- 42) / (ISTA-P 64+)
  • Disables ALARM and Unblocks the doors
  • CAS programming over OBD-II
  • Automatic (Device will do everything alone.)
  • Fastest device on the market! It work on 10 sec to 10 minutes ratio.
  • Works with 315 MHz 433MHz and 868 MHz
  • Works with PCF7936 transponders
  • Works with Original keys
  • Automatic DTC clear and ELV sync
  • You can register 10 Keys / CAS. 11th will be registered as FIRST
  • Very Easy to use!

Toyota / Lexus Pro Smart v3.1 2015 - 2018 MY

( New Device Added )

ProSmart v3.1 is designed for emergency start of the car and programming the keys in case of key loss.
ProSmart 3.1 works with Smart Key system that uses new generation Smart Ecu. Access to the contents of Smart Ecu memory in such systems is impossible. These systems are used in cars 2015-2018.

Lexus GX:
Lexus IS
Lexus LS
Lexus LX
Lexus NX
Lexus RX
Toyota Alphard
Toyota Camry
Toyota CHR
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota RAV4

Smart keys with ID 88, A8, A9 are used in systems with Smart ECU of the new generation.

Attention !!! ProSmart v3.1 performs emergency start car and key programming using another Smart ECU ( new or used ECU with a key bound to this unit ).

ProSmart v3.1 is special OBD adapter with the needle-probe for connection via LIN bus of the vehicle

Honda Key programmer 2017+ / 2018+

( New Device Added )

Honda Key Programmer supports Honda cars and Acura with mechanical key since 2003 and "Keyless Start" system since 2009. The device has an operating mode switch “K-N”, bi-color led and a sound emitter. Time recording of new key 60 to 120 second.

Device operating modes:

  • "N" - work with the mechanical key.
  • "K" - work with "Keyless start" system.

Toyota (SUPER FAST Start) v4.0 2017+ / 2018+

( New Device Added )

AST v3.0 unit is designed for emergency engine start on Toyota and Lexus passenger vehicles in case of key authorization unit malfunction or keys loss. AST unit is used as temporary element for emergency vehicle transportation and not intended to use permanently.

Supported vehicles:

  • All Toyota vehicles
  • All Lexus vehicles

* AST v4.0 can be connected either via the Smart ECU connector or the steering lock ecu connector.

Toyota (SUPER FAST Start) v1.2

( New Device Added )

AST ( Auto Start Toyota )

Toyota / Lexus / Subaru emergency engine start unit version 1.2

AST is designed for emergency start on Toyota and Lexus engines in case of key authorization malfunction or keys loss.
AST is used as temporary element for emergency vehicle transportation. Not intended to use permanently.
AST is used as substitution for key authorization.The keyless start system would be activated and the central lock will become unlocked, as soon as connect the AST device.
You may return initial state of all electronic units of the vehicle,when there is no need to use AST, and that will leave no traces of usage of the AST.

Supported vehicles:

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LS 460
Lexus GX 460
Lexus RX – (2014 MY)
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ‐ (2014 MY)
Subaru Impreza
Subaru Forester
Subaru Legacy
Subaru Outback – (2014 MY)

How to use AST step by step:

  1. Unplug keys authorization unit connectors
  2. Plug AST unit to one of the connectors – longer one ( figure 2 ) and wait for green LED light (around three seconds). In the LC200, LX570 models and others connection to the plug of "wheel blocking" is possible.
  3. Press the Start button.If the engine did not start , put key-fob on the Start button and push it again.
  4. Unplug the device. To restart again connect the AST device.
  5. "Reset" of the device it is necessary to press the button.
  6. You will need TK-Prog device for programing keys.

Nissan key learning device

Nissan Key learning Device